Description for HappierFlow

Get Started

Tailor Made Processes with Dynamic Form Modelling

Easily transform a process that was on paper or a complex system into user-friendly, actionable happierFlow. Our simple drag and drop process builder is really intuitive and requires zero training! You can set basic information (what to do), form fields (capture input), responsibilities (who does it) and deadlines.

Choose from our extensive list of predefined processes or custom model even complex processes with great ease leaving the technical complexities to happierflow.

Track Progress

Monitor and track processes, which process is stuck with whom and for how long. Track average, minimum and maximum time of your processes and their individual steps. We can get the processes that take the longest time and processes with highest queries. Estimated completion time with the history of the request as well.

Report Generation

Configure Ad-hoc reports to match your needs and export if needed for advanced analysis. We can share report with colleagues. We can have reports with different KPIs.