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Single sign-on using Google Apps

One Google login - Access Happierwork and any other application that comes with SAML login. The only comprehensive people software that deeply integrates with Google Apps for work and education.

Happierwork is designed to let you work smarter, focus on what really matters and get work done from anywhere, on any device.

Customizable Dashboard

As you login with your company email id, you see a dashboard which provides all relevant widgets that you may customize or hide as per your liking. Allows easy access to all your linked or external applications, tools, etc.

Highly configurable widgets for Company announcements, Time off or training updates, important requests, Internal Job Postings, Notifications, Birthday, event reminders, Time off balance, etc.

Holidays, Time Off, Shifts and more...

Flexi work schedule for a startup to complex work profile with different holidays, weekly offs and working hours for 2,500 people across multiple geographies - its all easily configurable.

Happierwork talks seamlessly to your biometric system and notifies the relevant people when required. Welcome processes. Bye Bye email approvals or paper. Approve Holidays, Time off, etc. from within your Google Apps account.

People Profiles as unique as your people

Create unlimited custom fields for people at different locations, departments, etc. Store and retrieve all people info from within your Google apps account.

Manage all people documents such as offers, employee agreements, etc. from within Drive for work. Preserve all your ‘hire to retire’ employee data centrally & securely on Google cloud.

Dynamic Organization Chart & People Timeline

Visualize your organizational relationships, review profiles and understand who does what. Review people timeline with important dates, events, notes, etc. all at one place. Define views with different levels of profile fields view, edit, etc. access for users.

Approvals have gone Google!

All approvals with one happier click from within your work email. Tracks, analyzes, reports, escalates, forward or notify when any request is approved, denied.

One level approvals or complex multi-level conditional approvals: We create beautifully invisible workflows as we migrate your policies to happier processes.

Happily Married with your other tools.

Project Management: Basecamp, Asana, ...
Time Tracking: Harvest, ...
Networks: Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Quora, Stackoverflow, ...

More Integrations? We are Open.

We truly believe in openness. And connections. Open APIs to share HR data with existing systems and custom pieces of software.

Happierwork plays well with payroll, invoicing, biometric or access control devices and your piano.

Secretary. Engineer. Consultant.

Your car understands your preferences. So should your software. Nudges. Reminds. Saves effort. Offers insights. Analytics. Advices.

Smart Circles

Smart provisioning and synchronisation of Google Groups and Google+ Circles. Create or update Google+ Circles based on people attributes such as division, branch, department, your team, etc. As people join or leave; or when their attributes change, those users are auto-magically removed or added to Smart Groups & Circles.

Happier Care

Self managed, no recurring charges for modifications, Grows and evolves while you sleep. People care is just a phone call away.

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