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What do you get in this?

  • HRIS, Attendance, Workflows, Hire, Learn and more...
  • Native to Google Apps
  • Beautiful Design
  • Policies to Processes
  • Workflows that make work ‘flow’ faster
  • Marries happily with the existing solutions
  • Grows with you
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Insights. Not Reports
  • Supported by Happier People

Add HappierDeck

Make your suite even better by adding HappierDeck, our another package!

Single sign-on using Google Apps

One Google login - Access Happierwork and any other application that comes with SAML login. The only comprehensive people software that deeply integrates with Google Apps for work and education.

Happierwork is designed to let you work smarter, focus on what really matters and get work done from anywhere, on any device.

Custom Dashboard

Responsive and multi-device friendly dashboard with customizable tabs. Configurable widgets for Company announcements, Notifications, Birthdays, event reminders.

People Directory

Easily access contact details of colleagues, their telephone extensions, and initiate hangouts or instant messages directly from the directory widget.

Notifications & Announcements

Announce new employees or important company updates, reinforce organizational branding messages or culture change initiatives through a customizable theme for different branches.

Drive, Email, Calendar Summary

Review important statistics and summary at one glance.

Add this package for $0 upfront cost with value driven usage fees.

Pay based on how much you make use of it, $10 for each Job Posting. $50 for...

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Add HappierHire

Make your suite even better by adding HappierHire, our another package!

Job Requisition

Highly configurable approval workflows for job requisitions. Managers and division heads can approve positions to be hired; HR can procure accurate Job descriptions and persona from the Hiring Manager for new positions.

HR or corporate branding team can approve Job descriptions so that only the right branding is reflected in all your Job postings.

Automated Job Posting

Push open jobs to career portals of your choice, social media pages, company career page with a click of a button. No need to hop to multiple job portals to post jobs - Happierhire is integrated with various popular career portals.

Intelligent Applicant Tracking

Source from job portals, career email box, career webpage on your website, from social media and existing pool of applicants in your system. Import and manage prospect data from all sources and intelligently merge the duplicates, prioritize and present meaningful information on a beautiful single candidate page.

Automated and configurable hiring workflows—along with a searchable candidate database, resume parsing, and tools for email-based requisition and approvals.

Social Recruiting & Referral Tracking

Leverage the employees social network the relationships that people build with your brand. Provide quick insights with advanced social recruiting analytics to measure your initiatives and to see which social network attracts the most referrals.

Custom Career pages

Build custom branded career pages for your website which auto updates as new positions are added or removed. Always collect applicants for certain positions through expression of interest. Additional career pages for job portals.

Impress active and passive candidates with a fully responsive, seamless experience, accessible from any device.

Efficient Hiring collaboration

Collaborate with fellow recruiters, hiring managers and colleagues as you experience bliss of everybody being on the same page! Screen, post comments and share applicant profiles. Communicate with applicants using custom designed or standard communication templates for each trigger (e.g. on resume submission, post decision, etc.)

Automatic Applicant Screening

Wait for magic as Happierhire learns your individual screening preferences for various jobs & positions. It then starts auto suggesting tags for the resume.

Centralized Applicant Management

All applicant information presented in a visually appealing format for easy one-glance review. Auto-create and segregate applicant database coming from various sources.

Intelligent Automated Scheduling - No more monkey business

Why should a human be involved in scheduling interviews? Intelligent interview scheduling works seamlessly to get things done so that recruiters spend more time with applicants and less time scheduling.

Applicant Experience Management & Employer Branding

Happierhire identifies the appropriate contact number and applicant time-zone from the profile/resume, sends a personalized greeting appropriately fit to your organizational branding immediately on receipt of application via email/text or a voice call; applicants are kept in the loop for subsequent steps; are notified appropriately, as and when the application stage changes.

Voice & Video Screening

Prefer to ask certain standard questions to selected candidates; conduct an automated voice or video screening of 5-15 min? Recruiters and hiring managers can virtually review candidates prior to interviewing them. In just a few simple steps, candidates can use their desktop webcam or a mobile device to upload or record a short personal video showcasing why they are the best fit for the job.

Integrated video Interviewing via Google Hangouts

Our on-demand video interviewing tool helps you find the right candidates faster, while adding long-term value to your candidate database. Quickly weed out less qualified candidates and zero-in on those who best meet your requirements. Didn’t we promise, Happierhire will help Hire the best; better & faster!

Actionable Analytics to attract Happier hires

Intelligent analytics and reports that helps you take strategic recruitment decisions. Right from the recruitment sources that attract good talent to applicant conversion ratios - all information is simply put right in front of you on a custom dashboards. Get ready for happier hires.

Tailor to your needs

Role based or user based access - While one user (e.g. Tintin) can post jobs and communicate with applicants, another user (e.g. Captain Haddock) can only comment & interview (no curse words please!); While a third user (e.g. Prof. Calculus) can review communications including reviewing offer letters. We are as happier as Snowy!

Add smartness to hiring

Know how far is applicant’s location from job location. Also weigh interviewer’s rating for a candidate by his/her past average rating so to remove bias of lenience of some. Get your favorite keywords auto highlighted in resume, giving you quick info on why he/she could be your choice.

Add this package for $0 upfront cost with value driven usage fees.

Pay based on how much you make use of it, $10 for each Job Posting. $50 for ever Hires.

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Add HappierFlow

Make your suite even better by adding HappierFlow, our another package!

Tailor Made Processes with Dynamic Form Modelling

Easily transform a process that was on paper or a complex system into user-friendly, actionable happierFlow. Our simple drag and drop process builder is really intuitive and requires zero training! You can set basic information (what to do), form fields (capture input), responsibilities (who does it) and deadlines.

Choose from our extensive list of predefined processes or custom model even complex processes with great ease leaving the technical complexities to happierflow.

Track Progress

Monitor and track processes, which process is stuck with whom and for how long. Track average, minimum and maximum time of your processes and their individual steps. We can get the processes that take the longest time and processes with highest queries. Estimated completion time with the history of the request as well.

Report Generation

Configure Ad-hoc reports to match your needs and export if needed for advanced analysis. We can share report with colleagues. We can have reports with different KPIs.

Add this package for $0 upfront cost with value driven usage fees.

Pay based on how much you make use of it, $10 for each Job Posting. $50 for...

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Can I customize Happierwork interface and add my company logo?

Happierwork is a beautifully designed software. Choose from various color patterns that we found best for you. And yes we’ll love your company logo on Happierwork.

How does one get started on Happierwork?

  • Sign up for a *30* day free trial (Bamboohr- 7, kinhr- 30, sumhr-14, Peoplehr- 30, Greytip- 30)
  • happierhr.com > Buy now (Pricing/Sign-up page)
  • Google Apps Marketplace > Add it now > Configure > Start using

What happens to my trial data after I buy?

You may choose to delete all and start afresh or carry forward the trial data to a paid version.

How shall I be billed?

One-time annual payment. Pro-rated billing for new users who are added in the middle of the year as and when they are added.

Where is my data stored? How secure is it?

On Google Compute Engine. That is where we store all data. Our data security policies are as robust as the engine we are hosted on (i.e. Google).

What if I decide to leave? What happens to all my data?

No iron chains! It’s like getting off a plane (No. Not while its in the air!). Our support team can help you import your data into your system of choice if our request.

Can everyone see the same info as the HR Manager sees?

No. HR manager has access to more details. You have flexibility to configure limited view, modify access for your users.

Can I migrate my existing data onto Happierwork?

Yes, our simple and intuitive interface helps you migrate data on Happierwork. Don’t worry, we’ll be happy to help you.

Who owns the database?

To put it simply, Happierwork does not own your data. The data which you put into our systems is yours, and we believe it should stay that way. We think that means three key things.

  • We won't share your data with others except as noted in our Privacy Policy.
  • We keep your data as long as you require us to keep it.
  • Finally, you should be able to take your data with you if you may.

How much data do I get with the service?

  • 100 GB of cumulative data is made available per user that you have subscribed for.
  • For example if you have 300 users you get a storage quota of 300*100 GB = 30,000 GB ~ 30 TB. This can be consumed for currently active employees as well as x-employees.
  • If your storage exceeds the total allocated quota, we charge you equivalent to Google’s charges for the additional storage. It’s that simple.

What are the system requirements?

All you need is an internet connection and your work email

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